Wild Annie's Restaurant

Brand Update Campaign

Branding Design.
Website Development.



Wild Annie's is creating a destination restaurant in the mountains of McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. They are moving from a food-truck to a full-scale, dine-in experience. The vision for the new restaurant can be summarized as follows…

  • Menu: The standard menu will offer casual fare, artfully prepared using high-quality ingredients, lovingly infused with ethnic flavors from the southwest and pacific northwest. Special occasions will boast more formal cuisine featuring 7-course meals in a "black tie" environment.
  • Restaurant Space: Wild Annie's will primarily offer a family-friendly, dine-in experience with take-out and pre-prepped meal options. It will also offer a meeting space for events. A large patio will provide the perfect atmosphere for outdoor seating and live music.
  • Atmosphere: When diners enter the restaurant, they will be immediately embraced by a comfortable mountain escape, bathed in natural light and framed in wood tones.  Interior colors and textures will draw from the surrounding natural environment. The centerpiece of the restaurant will be a large stone fireplace. The service will compliment the decor—hospitable and inviting.
  • Clientele: The menu, service options, and prices will welcome locals to visit often, while the location, natural setting, and atmosphere will create an attraction for out-of-towners.
  • Growth Plan: In the near future, additional expansions may be made to the property. These include a beautifully landscaped lawn and walking path, a micro brewery, and a bed and breakfast. 

Campaign Scope

Branding Design

Create an aesthetic that echos Wild Annie's offerings and ambiance. It must be simultaneously friendly and sophisticated, complimenting both the casual everyday atmosphere, and the elegant formality of special events. This branding includes…

  • LOGO (project): Develop the existing logo to be more flexible, while maintaining it's core essence.
    • Logo Iterations: create multiple variations of the primary logo for use a variety of contexts, including website, social media, printed material, packaging, apparel, signage, etc.
    • Branding Guidelines: develop guidelines for logo usage, logo colors, and font pairings. 

Investment: $100

Website Development

Design and launch an online home for the Wild Annie's brand. The website will serve as the unified hub for communication, and the ultimate online destination toward which the majority of social media communication will point. 

  • PHASE 1 (project): Create a landing page that will to let customers know what is happening with Wild Annie's since the food truck, and when they can expect the restaurant to be finished.

Investment: $200

  • PHASE 2 (project): Further develop the website to communicate the following

    • "What to Expect": Build customer excitement for the new restaurant. Paint a picture of what it will offer, what it will look like, and the experience that customers can look forward to.
    • "The Wild Annie's Story": Invite customers into the Wild Annie's story. Describe the journey from food truck to restaurant, communicate a passion for the local community, and invite visitors to dream about the future of Wild Annie's and McConnellsburg.

Investment: $200

Total Investment

The total investment for this campaign is $500.
Each project will be billed separately. See payment terms below.

Campaign Outline

  1. Proposal: Once the client agrees to the terms outlined in this proposal, the proposal will serve as a contract, binding both parties to the terms outlined herein.

  2. Logo Design: Rafetto Creative Co. will design and submit the primary logo design, initial logo iterations, and branding guidelines.

  3. Website (phase 1): Rafetto Creative Co. will design and launch the initial landing page and "coming soon" message.

  4. Website (phase 2): Rafetto Creative Co. will further develop the website to include "what to expect" and the "Wild Annie's story" messaging.

All delivery deadlines will be discussed on a project-by-project basis. 

Payment Terms

Each project will be billed separately. A 50% deposit for each project will be required in advance of the project's commencement. Following the project's completion, Rafetto Creative Co. will invoice the client for the remaining amount. Payment is due upon receipt.

Note: all investment costs include Rafetto Creative Co.'s fees only. Any third party costs are not included. The cost of the projects outlined in this contract will not exceed the amounts quoted above, except in cases of additional work added to the agreed-upon project scope or unforeseen expenses (to be submitted to, and approved by the client). After receipt of final payment for the deliverables listed in this contract, client will retain full rights for the materials created under this contract. Rafetto Creative Co. maintains display rights for portfolio purposes. Rafetto Creative Co. maintains all rights to any unused design comps. In the event of cancellation of services after having engaged Rafetto Creative Co.'s design services, but prior to the completion of the project, client will be billed for all hours worked at an hourly rate of $75.00. Any unresolvable dispute between designer and client will be settled by mediation.