Project Roadmap

Scott Wasser, Erica Quigly



Phase 1: Making the Pitch



We’ll clarify your message so that people can easily understand what you’re making, and how it will benefit them.

Creating a brand script is the most critical step to marketing success. It charts a course for the marketing strategies that follow, and frames the language for all ongoing communication with customers.

By crafting clear and compelling talking points, we frame the language about your product in words that lead to a sale. We’ll sit down together to walk through these 7 steps…

1. Identifying your target audience.

2. Defining the problems your target market face as it relates to your product—both external and internal.

3. Establishing your authority as a brand.

4. Defining the purchase process in simple steps for your audience to follow.

5. Developing a compelling call to action.

6. Clearly defining the benefits that your product brings to consumers, as well as the potential problems they will face by not using your product.

7. Describing the results that your customers can expect from using your product.

Then, Rafetto Creative Marketing will take the “raw data” obtained from our conversation, and hone it down into a clear, concise brand script document, that we will use for all future marketing collateral.


Brand Assets

The goal in the messaging phase was to develop a language for your brand. In the branding phase the goal is similar: to create a visual language for your brand that communicates your messaging through aesthetics. Here’s how it works…

1. Logo Mockups: We’ll create 3 design mockups for your logo. Each option will have a different look but will still accomplish the branding objectives we agreed on.

2. Revisions: After you choose a design mockup, we can make up to three rounds of revisions based on your preference or taste.

3. Brand Style: Once a final logo is agreed upon, we’ll develop a brand style guide which includes guidelines for colors, typography, and photography.


Proof of Concept

We’ll develop a working model of your application to present to investors, working together to hone the user interface, product functionality, and overall appearance. Let’s make something awesome!


Pitch Deck Creation

Here, we’ll pull together all of the elements from the preceding phases into an amazing presentation that will wow investors.

Using the language developed during the messaging phase, we’ll create the written content for your pitch to investors. Together, we’ll hone the presentation, making sure the language is clear, the flow is logical, the transitions are seamless, and the call to action is irresistible!

Next, we’ll snap some photos of your software in the hands of satisfied customers. Pairing these images with the amazing aesthetics of your newly developed brand, the pitch is really coming together.

Last, we’ll work on the live demonstration of your proof of concept in action to ensure that this deal is as good as done!


Phase 2: Making the Product


Product Development

Using the proof of concept as a starting point, we’ll partner with your developer to build your software application.

Testing and Revisions

We’ll work together to ensure that the application does everything you want it to, with intuitive user interface, and seamless workflow.



Once the product is finalized, we’ll release it to beta users.


Phase 3: Selling the Product



Website Development

We’ll build your website—the starting place for most of your customer interactions. We’ll work with you to develop all of your content and create an intuitive sales path to convert visitors into customers.


Social Media Presence

Next we’ll build your social media presence to introduce potential clients to your product, invite followers to interact with your brand, and pull in hot leads!


Email Marketing

We’ll leverage the power of your social media community, we’ll create lead magnets to build your email list. As your list grows, we’ll nurture leads with targeted campaigns to convert subscribers to customers.