Palmer Realty

Website Design



Palmer Realty is in need of a new website to help capture sales and market their brand. This website will be the digital home for their company, showcasing their brand and providing information and resources for clients. The site will feature listing search tools, client testimonials, preferred lender recommendations, related blog content for potential customers, agent profiles, and tools for lead generation.

Project Scope

Website Design: Develop a website that showcases Palmer Realty’s properties, agents, and client resources. The website should compliment their brand, be easy to navigate, and ultimately facilitate lead-generation.

  • Site Design and Layout

  • MLS feed integration

  • Preferred lender recommendations

  • Mortgage calculator

  • Testimonials

  • Relevant client info

  • Agent bios

  • Contact Info

  • Email Capture Integration (property alert list)

  • Revision Rounds: Once the initial website design is presented, the website will undergo the revision process (maximum: three rounds of revision), where design changes will be made, and content will be adjusted.

  • Website Launch: After the website has been finalized, it will be linked to it's final URL.

Client Responsibilities

The client agrees to provide the following items. Failure to deliver upon the following may result in project delays and additional fees not included in the cost estimate.

  • All copy for website, including page content, agent bios, corporate photos, digital logo files, etc.

  • Design feedback or approval within 48 hours of submission

Project Deadline

Final website will be launched no later than December 31, 2018. 

Total Investment

Cost: $1,500*

see payment terms below

Payment Terms

A 25% deposit will be due prior to project commencement. The remaining 75% balance will be due upon project completion.

The cost of the project outlined in this contract will not exceed the estimate quoted above, except in cases of additional work added to the agreed-upon project scope or unforeseen expenses (to be submitted to, and approved by the client). After receipt of final payment for the deliverables listed in this contract, the client will retain full rights for the materials created under this contract. Rafetto Creative Co. maintains display rights for portfolio purposes. Rafetto Creative Co. maintains all rights to any unused design comps. In the event of cancellation of services after having engaged Rafetto Creative Co.’s design services, but prior to the completion of the project, the client will be billed for all hours worked at an hourly rate of $75.00. Any unresolvable dispute between designer and client will be settled by mediation.

*All fees include labor costs for Rafetto Creative Co.'s services only. Third party production costs (printing, web hosting, etc.), are not included.

Project Contact/Client Representative

Jewel Palmer


Proposal Acceptance

By accepting this proposal, the client agrees to abide by all terms outlined in this proposal as contractural.