2. Website Design and Development


We’ll build you an original site to showcase your products, provide important content for customers, and capture sales.

Your website is your company’s face to millions. Thus, it’s important to make sure that the content featured on your site is as clear and helpful as possible for potential customers, and that it is optimized to turn visitors into customers. Just as important as your site’s content is its design. The structure, layout, colors, and imagery should make your site easy to navigate, appealing to the eye, and a pleasure to browse. By walking through the following steps together, we can help you accomplish this!

  1. Website Outline: Together, we’ll create the “skeleton” of your site that outlines how it will be organized and what content will be needed to populate each page.

  2. Demo Site: We’ll create an original design to capture your brand voice and deliver on your company goals. This site will live at a testing domain—so it won’t be visible to the world—but it will allow you to see how the site will actually work. We’ll make any requested changes before we officially publish your site.

  3. Site Launch: After the demo is approved, we’ll populate your site with all of the vital content: images, sales copy, product descriptions, etc. Then, we’re ready for launch! Like flipping a switch, your new site will be up-and-running in no time! After the site is live, we’ll be available for ongoing support and maintenance.

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