5. Community Growth and Nurturing (ongoing)


We’ll build you an online community of dedicated followers to drive sales through social media and email.

Community growth is the single most effective marketing strategy for driving sales. By growing your community, you nurture a group of individuals that looks to your brand as the definitive authority in your industry. But creating this kind of captive audience takes careful planning and intentional content development. Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Strategy: We’ll work together to develop a comprehensive strategy for reaching (and building) your network of followers. This strategy will outline the types of content we will create, the kinds of interactions we’ll seek to foster, and the sales pathway we will pave for leads as your community grows.

  2. Content Gathering/Creation: Next, we’ll get started gathering and creating content.

    • For social media, we’ll show up, on-site to snap photos and shoot videos for sharing out to your community.

    • For email marketing, we’ll develop strategic marketing materials to grow your email list, and build email campaigns to regularly engage that list with content that drives sales.

  3. Launch: Once the content is in place, we’ll launch! We’ll begin engaging your community through daily social posting and regular email campaigns.

  4. Test, Measure, Repeat: As your community grows, we’ll continue developing new strategies and meaningful content to keep them engaged. Your customers will get a chance to interact with your brand on an ongoing, personal level. It’s this kind of engagement that builds trust and grows sales.

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